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Parents (P2) – Creating an Action Plan and/or Token Economy to Support Instructional Control


Parenting Course 2 of the “Be Your Child’s Best Teacher” series offers parents of children with and without disabilities an opportunity to see Robert present over 3 hours of important information about how to organize your daily environment best implement the 7 Steps in a home based program.

The course itself is broken into 2 separate parts, each with their own set of video topics.  Investing in this course will give you access to both parts to watch at your leisure for 90 days. Each session will take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. So, scheduling 2 hours of uninterrupted learning time would be ideal for each part.

In this course, participants will learn how to organize their daily environment in ways that will allow them to consistently and comprehensively meet the expectations of “The 7 Steps to Earning Instructional Control.” Where Course 1 taught you about the 7 steps and their purpose in your life, Course 2 gets into the nitty gritty of using Robert’s proven approach to successfully implementing the steps in any home and community environment.

Languages: English, German (via closed captioning - coming soon)

Length: 3hrs

PRICE: $250 $199

Part 1:  Advanced Considerations and Creating an Action Plan

In this first part of parenting course 2, Robert

  • briefly reviews the 7 Steps to Earning Instructional Control
  • teaches participants some important advanced considerations related to following through with step 7 including a focus on children who in extinction become highly destructive, aggressive, self-injurious, or self-stimulating
  • introduces the Discrete Trial Teaching Method
  • teachings participants how to do a Reinforcer Assessment
  • teaches participants how to create their own Action Plan that supports the use of the 7 steps in their daily interactions with examples focusing on 3 types of children.
    • Young Children
    • Older Children and Teens
    • Children with Special Needs

Part 2:  Daily Schedules and The Token Economy

In this second part of parenting course 2, participants will learn how to…

  • Schedule their day by breaking it into sections and
    • creating a clearly defined list of goals for each section
    • identifying all forms of possible reinforcement available in each section
    • and ordering the sections so that reinforcement is always available to follow positive behavior
  • Determine if a token economy will be a necessary part of their plan and if so learn how to…
    • choose appropriate tokens
    • incorporate choice into the plan
    • create a token “Store”
    • follow basic token economy guidelines
    • incorporate some of Robert’s special “tricks of the trade”
    • and use alternatives to taking tokens away
  • Course 2 culminates with the process of combining your daily schedule with your Token Economy into a cohesive daily behavior plan.


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The Token Economy

The ultimate motivational look at the development of highly effective token economies for the home school or clinic.

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