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Behavior Analysis Course BA1 – The 7 Steps to Earning Instructional Control: An Introduction for BCBAS’s and Behavior Professionals

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Behavior Analysis Course 1 of the “Professional Development” series offers BCBA’s and other behavior professionals an opportunity to see Robert present over 3.5 hours of guidance and information related to the basic behavioral principles supporting his “7 Steps to Earning Instructional Control,” as they would be most useful to you as you program in the home, clinic, school or community settings.

The course itself is broken into 2 parts, each with their own set of video topics. Investing in this course will give you access to both to watch at your leisure for 30 days. Each session will take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. So, scheduling 2 full hours of uninterrupted learning time would be ideal for each part.

In this course, participants will learn Robert’s approach to implementation of the most important behavior principles that guide all relationship development. Additionally, he will give an in depth look at the 7 important steps to Instructional control and the alternative procedures he uses to the behavior escalating procedures of traditional escape extinction.

Languages: English, German (via closed captioning - coming soon)
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Length: 3.5 hours

PRICE: $350 $279

Part 1:  Principles, Assent and Escape Extinction, Oh My!

In this first part of Behavior Analysis course 1, Robert shares with participants his take on the important basic behavioral principles that control the development of our relationships.

  • The A-B-C Paradigm
    • Antecedents (SD, MO, Prompts)
    • Consequences (Reinforcement, Punishment, Extinction)
  • Escape Extinction and Assent
  • The alternate procedural recommendations of The 7 Steps

Part 2:  The Steps and the Data

In this second part of Behavior Analysis Course 1, Robert teaches participants everything they will need to know to be able to implement “The 7 Steps to Earning Instructional Control” in home, clinic, school or community settings.

  • Step 1 – How and why you need to take control over known reinforcers
  • Step 2 – What is pairing with reinforcement and why is it crucial to your relationships?
  • Step 3 – The best way to choose “what”, “when” and “how” to give instructions
  • Step 4 – Creating cooperation through positive reinforcement while avoiding the use of negative reinforcement.
  • Step 5 – How you can grow and expand your program as you continue to use it
  • Step 6 – Understanding Prioritization in your programing
    • Prioritizing reinforcement
    • Prioritizing Instruction
  • Step 7 – How to avoid reinforcing unexpected or less valuable behavior
    • Using Extinction
    • Using Mini-Consequences
    • Creating Opportunity Cost
    • Giving the child a “Way Out”


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