Parents of children with

Problem Behavior

Depending on your available resources and learning preferences, we have 3 ways to share with you our patented 7 Steps System for Successful Parenting.



We offer a 3 course on-demand sequence designed to help explain and teach the 7 steps and its implementation as it would be used for most family’s needs.

*Course purchase gives you access to course for 90 days with an option to repurchase at a discounted rate



Schedule live online coaching with one of our team members who will listen to your current challenges, teach you how to address your needs successfully and help you build an individualized home plan. *You will also receive access to the corresponding on-demand course for 90 days with your purchase



Schedule an in-home consultation where we come to you and can show you first-hand how the program looks and is run in your own home.

Whether you plan to learn “The 7 Steps to Successful Parenting” through webinar, live online coaching or in-home consultation, the book “The 7 Steps to Instructional Control” is a handy companion guide so don’t forget to visit our bookstore.

*Lulu print on demand allows for immediate printing and delivery from your country or region.

*E-book options coming soon.

Learn “The 7 Steps to Successful Parenting” for Free! This 16 page guide will help you navigate the challenge of building a better parent/child relationship...and it is absolutely free!

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