In-Person Consult or Workshop: Clinics

Robert Schramm offers some of the world’s best trainings and presentations teaching motivation and reinforcement strategies to help gain cooperation from unmotivated or otherwise challenging learners. You can organize to have Robert (or a team member) come to your clinic and present highly beneficial yet entertaining workshops for your entire staff, and/or the parents of your clients. Robert has provided in-house presentations for dozens of clinics throughout the world and can help your team be at their best with challenging learners. Robert can tailor his presentations to your team’s needs and interests. With so many topics to choose from and we can offer single or multiple day presentations depending on your learning needs. Robert also offers in-person consulting to help you develop behavior plans for an individual client, or support for an individual therapist or group. Many of our clients like to combine a presentation with in person consulting to get more bang for their buck! In-person consulting can occur on a full-day (6 hours of in-person instruction) or half-day (3 hours of in-person instruction) basis as available. All travel costs and time of travel are the responsibility of the client determined by our team member’s in-person consulting and travel time rates.



The Token Economy

The ultimate motivational look at the development of highly effective token economies for the home school or clinic.

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